I'm back.

I went to Sicily with my mom. We also had extempore one-day-trip to Istanbul, thanks to Turkish Airlines. When we were landing to Istanbul's Airport (We were going to change flight there) suddenly our pilot pulled airplane back to up really fast. We were really close to landing, because we were almost at the same height as apartment buildings roof. I have Aerophobia (fear of flying), so my heart was literally screaming. Our pilot later let us know that there was little traffic at the landing strip. After delay we landed successfully, but we missed our next flight. After that I spent over four hours at the airport discussing with different people and of course every person was in other side of airport. I managed to get us next flight to day after and a hotel room from Istanbul. Turkish Airlines paid all the costs, because it was their fault. I was really exhausted after running and solving things, but when we find out we were staying at Double Tree Hotel by Hilton I started to feel little bit better. Hotel room was beautiful and food was delicious. After this experience we were just laughing and grateful. Even we "lost" one day from Sicily, we got chance to see Istanbul.

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Two weeks have gone fast and I'm happy to be at home again. I couldn't know anything better than sleeping in my own bed and washing bags dirty clothes after long trip. But it was along trip to get home though. First you should know, that I'm allergic to dogs and cats. I went through allergen immunotherapy with Rambo and after a year allergic hell was over and my body started to accept Rambo to my life. However I'm still allergic to dogs. My body still reacts tot other animals, so I usually eat extra antihistamine when I know I'm going to meet another animals. So when I took the train to Joensuu from Helsinki with Rambo, I noticed that I had to share my railroad with other animals. Total: Eight dogs and a cat. Pure hell in front of my eyes. I had to sit over four hours in the train with this crazy zoo. My throat went sore, body was itching and my nose was leaking of "water". Buckets of fun.

Now I'm at home with sore throat. Yay. Sipping hot tea and watching all tv series episodes which I have missed when I was away. Today I was also helping my dad to move to his new apartment so I deserve little relaxation.


Right now I'm sitting out here, watching airplanes taking off and fly. 
I'm here facing one of my biggest fears again. Flying.
Heart is dancing in the rhythm people's steps.

Once stranger from my life asked me why I do this if I'm so afraid of it.
Because I don't want fear to kill my dreams.
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School is officially done. I passed all the exams.
Now I can focus on entrance exams, writing, books and dreaming.
I feel free.
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Right now I'm dreaming about a new tattoo, braids, travelling around the world,
new lush products, peach ice tea and wavy beach hair.

They are calling us.
Monster is waiting.
I'm ready.

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After I read this post from Fashion Statement I had to go through my entire wardrobe and find out which are my oldest piece of clothing. Last year I watched The True Cost documentary and realized what impact fast fashion has to our planet. Since then I've changed my habits. I have not bought so much clothes and tried to buy less from factories who use or might use child labour. I have also tried to buy only clothes which I will use several years and are also good quality. It was interesting to search old clothes from my wardrobe and realize that there isn't really old clothes. The reason might there that just in few years I have really found my style. There was few of them and here they are.

Right now I have six jackets: trench coat, leather biker jacket, Boy London bomber, green bomber, Canada Goose winter coat and denim jacket. I'm really happy with my jacket situation. Recently I have found my own style (finally) and since then I have bought jackets which will serve me several years. Only jacket which I'm not so sure about is my newest green bomber jacket. I bought it few months ago and I have used it, but I'm not sure if it is the one I really love. Anyway before I found my own style I had plenty of different jackets. One of them was a leather jacket, which everyone seemed to have when I was young. I had that leather jacket for eight years! I loved it everyday, until one day I realized it is not my style anymore. Jacket was still in great condition, so I gave it to my little cousin and now she is having (hopefully) great memories with it. 

Now my oldest jacket is my Boy London bomber. My mom bought it for me as a christmas present (2013). Boy is reversible jacket, but honestly I have never used the other side. Though It might be useful and cool someday just change your look in few minutes. Right now someone might think am I aware of that the eagle design is resemblance to the Nazi eagle insignia. Yes, I'm aware of that. Boy London is in no way connected to Nazism or the idea of anyone being discriminated against for their creed, colour or religious beliefs. Boy London has explained that the logo was inspired by the eagle of Roman Empire as a sign of decadence and strength. If someone is interested to find more about this, you can read this Daily Mail's article about it. So I don't feel wrong to wear this jacket. I have had this jacket almost three years and I love it everyday more and more. It is warm and huge and perfect to hide from the weather (world). I have even washed it plenty of times myself and it is still in great condition.
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Because I found my style only few years back I don't have so much old clothes. Most of them are only 2-3 years old, which is not much. My oldest piece of clothing from bottom section is this tartan skirt. It is really old, because it was my mother's skirt. Skirt is over 34 years old. It's made in Italy and probably that's the reason why it is still in great condition. I got it from my mom 2006-200, when I started junior high school. After all these years I feel that his skirt belongs to my style forever.

I rarely have to throw clothes into trashcan, because I don't use clothes so much that they would broke down so badly that I wouldn't even be able to fix them. There is an exception though -socks and jeans. I have never bought jeans, which would cost more than 100e. Maybe I should? I have heard that if you spend more than 100e, jeans would be good quality and last for several years. I use jeans a lot and every year I have to buy new jeans. I usually have to buy 2 jeans/year, because jeans crotch broke down or colour fades away. Maybe I will spend more money to better quality jeans next time.
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I have to admit that the most of my shirts are cheap and bad quality. All the basics t-shirts and tops have never lasted long. I have ended up buying tons of bad quality shirts and after they have loose their colour or broke down, I have bought more cheap bad quality clothes. Now I have promised to myself that I don't buy them anymore. Next time I will make an investment. I spend more money to better quality product, which will be with me several years. This investment will save my money and be better solution for the nature. Anyway this awesome Rambo shirt is officially my oldest shirt. Not even ashamed of this fact. I bought it 2008-2009 from JC store's mens clothing, because I was big Sylvester Stallone fan (I still am). I have used it as "home" shirt, but I have been walking public too with this loose soft perfectness. 
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I don't have much "sport"/"fitness" clothing. Only few pants, shirts and jackets. I got this Adidas jacket 2009, when I was in high school. I saw a girl in my school wearing similar adidas jacket. I fell in love immediately. I searched this jacket from all my city's stores, but unfortunately they didn't have it. My mother got an idea and she called to Helsinki's sport stores and was able to find one. She reserved jacket and my cousin who lived in Helsinki picked it up and brought it to me few weeks later. This jacket was my favorite clothing during high school and I still love it. 
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Even I love dresses, I don't have them that much. I have one party dress and two "regular" dresses. This blue polka dot dress, which you can see is little ragged is my oldest dress. I bought it from London 2012. It's from Forever 21 and I was in a hurry, when I bought it but I'm glad I did it. This dress looks pretty in every occasion. It makes me happy every single time. :3
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When I was in high school I used to buy new bag every year. Either bag broke down (I carried too many books) or I just didn't like it anymore. I always seemed to find new bag, which I loved more than the old one. Then 2011 December I found this Pauls' Boutique bag. Bag cost 100e and my mom was really kind to buy it for me as a christmas present. After that I have not bought new handbag. I have few backpacks and shoulder bags, but this handbag is my only one. I have drooled over Prada's handbags for years, but I know that I'm not able to buy one until I have plenty of money. I know this handbag will be my partner for a long time.


Vappu is one of the biggest holidays in Finland. Carnival style festival fills the streets, alcohol beverages are bought, several student traditions, balloons and munkki pastries. The celebration begins on the evening of 30 April and continues to 1 May. 

This year the sun came out just in time for Vappu. First time in five years there was no sleet or ice cold wind. It was a wonderful weather. I spend my Vappu with my friends and family. My mother-in-law made for us sima (a home made low-alcohol tradition drink) and munkki pastries. Obviously I ate happily way too much and it didn't help to pour alcohol to my stomach after that. Oh well...thank god Vappu is only once a year. 
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